Thursday, June 25, 2009

MaryJo & Thad ~ ENGAGED!

Almost 1 month ago to the day, Erica of emailed me and asked if I had June 27th of this year available for a wedding? Thankfully (for me), I did and that is how I met MaryJo and Thad! When I decided to stay around Kansas for the summer to take on more photography work before leaving for Brooklyn, I was really really worried about not being able to fill my schedule but I've been truly blessed time and time again with opportunities such as this one! How fortunate am I? Not only do amazing people find me, but they just so happen to be beautiful as well! :)

For MaryJo and Thad's session, we headed over to Gage Park in Topeka and then to the Capital Building area. You have no idea how excited I was when they pulled up with a black lab in their backseat! The aptly named Jezebele (so they tell me) was the sweetest dog ever (besides my own, of course)! They have been dating since high school (crazy awesome, right?) and they are one of the cutest and sweetest couples that I have ever met! By spending my morning with them, I could feel how much they love and care for each other (and for Jezebele too!) Thanks again for dealing with my every whim throughout the morning! I had an awesome time and I am super excited for your wedding this weekend! It's going to be absolutely amazing!!!

To see all of their pictures and order professional prints, go to their online gallery: MaryJo & Thad Engaged! Thanks again and I'll see you soon!!!

Gotta love Jezebele protecting her parents :)

"Hey guys, can all three of you get ontop of that giant whale?"

"Okay Chris!"

"Ok, now jump into this giant alligator's mouth."

"Okay Chris!"

One of my new favorite pictures...EVER!

What can I say? Dogs LOVE me!!! :)


  1. i love the 2nd shot!! the colors are ahhh-maz-ing!! :)

    sad i missed this :( but excited for their wedding!!!!!

  2. Love Love that second photo!!!

  3. thanks all! i thought the little train conductor man was going to have a hissy fit when we jumped aboard! I was about three cars in front of them when I took this picture; hence, the cool colors!


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