Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy & Steve ~ Love in Manhattan, KS

After Amy and Steve's FANTABULOUS engagement session, I was incredibly excited to photograph their wedding day because I knew it would be absolutely awesome! And they definitely did not disappoint! Their day started with the gentlemen heading over to the Wildcat Creek Golf Course while the ladies were pampering themselves with mimosas, cookies and getting their hair done! Throughout the morning, everyone was super calm and at was beautiful. Nobody was flustered, freaking out or on edge which is extremely rare for a wedding and I think it was a testament to Amy and Steve's effective planning as well as the joy that everyone universally felt to see Amy and Steve get married!

The ceremony was at the sentimental All Faiths Chapel at Kansas State University. Sentimental because that is where Steve would take naps in between his classes :) Then we headed over to the Holiday Inn Manhattan At the Campus for the wonderfully fun and festive reception! There was Top Gun-esque serenades, a replay from the movie Hitch and even a Shrek-like dancing line! Yes, movie references galore!!!!

Amy and Steve, you guys rock! Seriously, two of the best people I've ever had the pleasure to work with and I am incredibly happy for your future together! Thank you soooo much for selecting me as your photographer!

Special thanks to my assistants, Brandi of La Brisa Photography and Lauren of LS Photography!

To view all of Amy & Steve's SUH-WEET wedding photos, check out their online gallery: Amy & Steve ~ Love!

Check out the customized that not the cutest thing ever??? :)

Snuck over to the reception to grab some details shots before the festivities began!

How fun are these centerpieces? Super creative and low cost (for those budget conscious wedding planners), plus a very unique way to show family and friends your engagement or fun photos!

the groom

final touches of perfection

I love BEAU-TI-FUL clients!


I absolutely LOVE how Amy had both of her parents walk her down the aisle. Such a sweet sweet way of recognizing and honoring the love and support of both of her parents!

So this might be my favorite moment during an entire wedding. The moment when the newlyweds walk down the aisle and both are in complete utopia!

This is my second favorite photo of the entire day (favorite photo to come later)!

First dance as husband and wife

Here is my favorite photo of the day! A special moment during the Father-Daughter dance shared between the mother and sister/matron of honor as they watched. To me, this is what family is all about: support, bond, encouragement and love.

Then, the party and dancing really started! And I definitely need to give a quick shout out to some awesome guests who really really knew how to have a fabulous time! You all know who you are and the photos speak for themselves! :)

"a little bit softer now..."

"Baby, baby, I get down on my knees for you..."

Gotta love the Shopping Cart!

My favorite scene from Hitch!

Last, but not least, Brandi and me rockin it with the newlyweds! Congrats again!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jacqui & Brandon ~ Engaged!

Jacqui and Brandon possibly had the worst start ever for an engagement session! Prior to meeting up with us, they a) lost their keys, b) therefore, couldn't lock their apartment when they left and c) on the their less than 5 minute walk to meet us, one of Jacqui's heels broke! And as someone who relishes shoes as much as Jacqui does...let's just say she was not too happy about it! However, with only someone of her exquisite grace, Jacqui proceeded on and did not let it stop her from having a fabulous engagement session!

As you may have noticed, during the month of July, I had quite a few assistants shadowing my shoots just to show them how/what I do during my sessions. So special thanks to Brandi, of La Brisa Photography, Eric of ELS Photography and Sara of Sara Mays Photography for helping me out again!
We started out at Kansas State University campus and then headed out to Pillsbury Crossing to get a little wet! :) Hopefully I won't offend him, but I totally consider Brandon a gentle giant. He's incredibly loyal, comforting and reaffirming with his presence and love to his beautiful fiance, Jacqui. Jacqui is unbelievably sweet, hedonistic (yup, look it up) and happy. I think the best way that you can ever describe someone is happy and to me, Jacqui is happy all the time! Together, Jacqui and Brandon are perfect complements to each other and they undeniably care and support one another.

Thank you so much for selecting me to take your engagement photos! Best of luck to you both with your planning and upcoming wedding!

To view and order prints from your session, check out your online gallery: Jacqui & Brandon ~ Engaged!

Enjoy your photos! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Brandi, Dustin (& Karma) ~ Anytime!

I think Karma is possibly the best name I've ever heard for a dog, besides my brother in law naming his dog, Genius, of course,...alas, think about it...Karma. Just makes so much sense! Dogs can warm your heart, they can anger you to wit's end, but through it all, you love them through and through; hence, Karma :)

Ok, as you already know, I love dogs. Gotta write about them first. It's my prerogative, so there. Dogs rule. Brandi and Dustin, proud parents of Karma, drove from Topeka for their AMAZING session in Manhattan! Seriously, more and more people should take fun photos with each other AFTER they get married! Why should the recently engaged couples have all the fun? I've learned that these "Anytime" sessions really help rekindle some of the love and passion that couples have for each other. Who doesn't need a little refresher every once in a while, right??? :)

With the help of my assistant photographers, Brandi of La Brisa Photography, Eric of ELS Photography and Jill of Jill Grogg Photography, we started out at Wildcat Park and then headed to an undisclosed location to finish up our session! Seriously, I am fabulously blessed with unbelievable clients! Brandi and Dustin are super cute, fun, active and beautiful! Brandi is stunning. Absolutely stunning with a wonderfully sweet nature and laughter. Dustin is a race car driver, which automatically means he's waaaaayyyy cooler than me and just one of those guys you want to be. Come on all you guys, you know you'd LOVE to be a race car driver. I could have hung out with them all evening! :)

Thank you guys sooo much for making the trip out to Manhattan (especially for bringing Karma) and having me take your photos! I had an absolute blast and I hope you did too!

You can view all of your pictures and order professional prints through your online gallery: Brandi & Dustin ~ Anytime! Enjoy!

See what I mean? Love my beau-TI-ful clients!


Can totally picture this enlarged or even on canvas in your house, guys! (Hint, hint, nudge nudge)