Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nathan - Style

We can't say this enough...we absolutely LOVE senior sessions! So much fun and so incredibly unique every time! Nathan's session was no different. Different, individualistic and literally and figuratively rockin!

Nathan is a phenomenal guitarist and so had to incorporate part of his identity in his senior session and the end result was amazing! He loves alternative/rock, but listens to a whole host of other genres as well. Here is one of his favorite bands CLICK HERE (because we're from California, we try to find any way that we can incorporate our home state into anything :)

Someday, Nathan may start his own band or cut his own record and we think we took plenty of shots that our CD Cover material! Check out the slideshow to see what we are talking about!

Thanks again Nathan for selecting us as your photographer and we wish you the very best with your senior year and your rising music career!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Willy, Porky, Figgins & Paz

When Chris was sick last week, he took some pictures of the kids in their elements. Soaking up the sun and laying down all day long. If heaven is a smidgen of what life is like as one of our pets, we love our faith! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unnamed Trio - Jack, Alec, Caleb, and Samantha

We love to support new artists coming into their own and paving their way into the industry and so we gotta give some love to a recently formed local band here in Manhattan called The Unnamed Trio of Alec, Caleb, Jack and Samantha! They have yet to figure out a name for their newly formed group and they are asking for your help! Please visit their Facebook page to help them come up with a name here! Already, they have made waves and were featured in the K-State newspaper here. With original tracks by lead singer Samantha and fun cover songs by Caleb, this group gets the crowd pumped up with their energy and their lyrics! Keep on the lookout for them as they start landing more and more gigs in the near future!

Check out the group in action from their show at the Kathouse Lounge!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bryant Family ~ Joy

Lisa, Damon, Colton, Jake, Bella, & Sabo. That's the entire Bryant family. And they are absolutely adorable! Colton, the young man that you'll see in the ensuing slideshow is quite possibly one of the cutest little boys we have ever seen! He was just so full of life and so comfortable in front of the camera that he clearly was the centerpiece of our session. Colton loved the camera so much that he even snapped a few pictures of his parents rolling around and laughing! Photographic bliss!

What's a family portrait session with out the canine kids, right? Jake, Bella and Sabo definirely made our day! They were such happy happy dogs! And so incredibly cute too!

Thank you again for selecting us for your family session! Many blessings to you all!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sabina ~ Style

Sabina made our lives so much easier. She knew exactly what she wanted, where she wanted to take pictures and how she wanted to dress for each shot. What more could we ask for? All we needed to do was point and shoot because Sabina looked fabulous and she picked some AMAZING places for her senior portraits!!!

What a cool and mature young lady! With her stylish "little black dress" to her hunting gear and shotgun, Sabina always dresses to impress! With her dad driving us around into the backcountry between Manhattan and Wamego, we were awestruck by the beauty of the area and how comfortable Sabina was in each location.

Thank you Sabina for selecting us as your photographer and we wish you the absolute best in college and the rest of your senior year!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Courtney & Troy ~ Attraction

We recently had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Courtney & Troy! After a couple of re-schedulings, we finally made it happen and it was well worth it! Based on the slideshow, you'll realize how easy it was for us to take photos of them because they are both absolutely beautiful! And as photographers, it gets nothing better than gorgeous people in love!

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! We wish the very best!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alicia - Style

Senior sessions are awesome. amazing. creative. unique. rockin. and so so much more! why are they all these things? because seniors are so dynamically different that it makes each session a new way to think creatively to match the personality and style of that person.

With all that being said, Alicia's senior session was just that: individual, unique and special. We shot all around Alicia's favorite spots in the Wamego area and that made the shoot that much better! Not only did we learn about new places to shoot, Alicia was super comfortable with the locations and just made our jobs that much easier!

Alicia has a background in dance, loves her kitties and put up with all of our antics throughout the session even though she had just taken her ACTs that morning! We had such a great time getting to know Alicia throughout our afternoon and we wish her the very best in college next year!

Thank you again for selecting us for your senior portraits! Enjoy the slideshow!!!

Amanda & Dan ~ Attraction

Do you know what type of sessions we absolutely love doing? Anniversary sessions! Why should engaged couples have all the fun and awesome pictures? That's right! They shouldn't! Celebrate your marriage by scheduling a romantic and re-unifying Attraction session!

Ok, now that we've ranted enough, here we go! Amanda and Dan recently celebrated their one year anniversary! They are friends of Shauna and Logan which we took engagement pictures for almost a year ago. Driving all the way from Salina for their session, Amanda and Dan were up for anything which made our jobs that much easier and THAT much more fun! And it does not hurt one bit that they are one good lookin' couple! Yow-za!

We strolled around the K-State campus for a while and had a little fun and then we headed to downtown Manhattan and took some more romantic type photos. Amanda was so incredibly cute because she did not want to take those "full on making-out" photos, but we snuck in some quick and sweet kisses all throughout the session!

Thanks again you two for selecting La Brisa to do your anniversary pictures! We hope that you love them!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day - Appreciation & Thankfulness

On this Veterans Day, we want to take the time to thank, celebrate and pray for all of our soldiers, wherever they may be. We fully realize that words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for your sacrifices, your brotherhood and your unselfish desires to protect our freedom. So in honor of all the men, women, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, son, daughters, brothers and sisters...thank you and may God continue to bless each and every one of you and your families.

We are extremely pleased to be apart of an organization, Operation Love Reunited, of professional photographers that offers free portrait sessions to soldiers and we hope that you spread the word about this organization so that all soldiers can benefit! Although we are completely booked for the rest of 2008, we look forward to doing more OpLove sessions for soldiers and their families in 2009 and we are definitely willing to recommend you to some amazing OpLove photographers in the area! There are photographers all throughout the US and abroad, so click HERE to find one near you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kacie & Monte - Attraction

Even though we were here to take engagement pictures for Kacie and Monte, Lambeau and Tucker truly stole the show. As you will see in the ensuing slideshow, everything revolves around the doggies! :)

We had a fabulous attraction session all planned out for Kacie & Monte and on our way to an awesome location, the only road up there was closed for re-paving :( But, we did not let that stop us and we went nearby to one of our favorite locations, Tuttle Creek Park and they rocked it!

And then we unleashed the hounds! (Yes, we're corny-lame like that!). Lambeau, the cutest weiner-jack we've ever seen shot out of the car like a cannon and was just a bundle of energy and Tucker was the ever obedient hunting dog who was having fun being out and about! Oh do we love dogs! After numerous attempts, we finally took some family portraits of everyone and we love the one picture of Lambeau sprinting towards us as we got everything all set up!

Thanks again for making the trip down from KC for your session! We are super pumped about your January wedding and we hope for just a little bit of snow for some amazing photo opps! Enjoy the slideshow!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Love the Midwest!

Being from California, one of the things that we absolutely love out here in Kansas is the transition between the changes in season. Gorgeous colors, fragrant smells and a very tranquil aura marks the Fall season and we love it! Hope you all take a minute to enjoy the simple creations in life that we all so easily ignore.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please Vote!

Hey all, not trying to get all political on you, but we are facing a major turn in history this November and you need to participate! Please watch the following humorous and star-studded ode to voting! Special thanks to Jessica for the video!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Emily & Paul - Love in Olathe, KS

Based on Emily and Paul's engagement session, we knew that their wedding would be 1) amazing 2) laid-back 3) family-oriented 4) emotional and 5) well planned and organized! And you know what? We were absolutely right on all accounts!

Everything worked out perfectly. The day was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone arrived on time. Emily & Paul had the best "First Look" ever! Just so incredibly sweet and touching. We were beaming from ear to ear as we were snapping away! One of the things that we loved about Emily and Paul's wedding was how they incorporated friends and family into everything! From their nontraditional wedding party to the wedding official to their chauffeurs to all of their helpers, you could not help but notice how important family is to the both of them. And we LOVED it!

In between the reception and ceremony, we had the unique opportunity to take some pictures with a completely restored Model A Ford complete with chauffeurs and everything! Emily and Paul had set aside some time to do some portraits of just the two of them and we just ate it up!

Thank you again for selecting us as your wedding photographers! We wish you the very best and many blessings in the future!

Enjoy the slideshow :)