Monday, August 25, 2008

Niki & Josh - Attraction

Niki and Josh have an awesome story. One that is so rife with coincidence that it is blatantly obvious that they were meant for each other. Thanks to our mutual friend, Jami, Niki and Josh were one of our first couples to book a wedding with us and we are entirely grateful! We finally had the opportunity to do the engagement shoot on a warm but beautiful day in Manhattan. With Josh always cracking jokes and Niki with her one million dollar smile, it was hard NOT to have fun with these two! Definitely looking forward to your big day in November!

Lindsey & Billy - Love

Lindsey & Billy started celebrating their "wedding" from the very beginning. Being already legally married, everyone was super relaxed and ready to have a fun! Seven Dolors Catholic Church is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous stained glass windows and amazing architecture. Everything worked out accordingly to Lindsey's plans and she had a glow about her the entire day. The wedding party was simply awesome. Each one had his/her own unique personality which made for a ton of laughs, jokes and overall hilariousness :) Thanks again for inviting us along and enjoy the "rough" move to Hawaii!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

J, K, L, L & R ~ Style

Julie, Katie, Laura, Lyndsey and Rebecca. Absolutely gorgeous and best of friends! We went out for a fun friends session out around the K-State campus and you can tell that these girls just have a cheery time together regardless of what they are doing! Being silly, inside jokes, laughing and making fun of each other these girls were non-stop entertainment. Thanks again ladies for the opportunity and we wish you the best in your senior years!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Introducing Doc

Yes! Another pet post! If you have not already noticed, we, here at La Brisa Photography, absolutely love photographing pets! They are each so unique and have such different personalities and so incredibly cute that they always bring such joy to us! Congrats to Bryson for being the proud father of Doc! A fun little man who just wants to play...ALL OF THE TIME! And with his face, how could you not want to play with him? Doc is growing up to be a hunting dog just like his big brother Chisel and we think he is going to love every minute of it!

Milo, Otis & Harley

Question: what do you get when you have 3 uber cute kittens and put them in an office environment?

Answer: photographic bliss!

We had such an awesome time following around Milo, Otis and Harley as they would be interested in the world one moment and then collapsing, quite dramatically, to take one of their numerous naps! They are so adorable and any orange tabby has soft place in our hearts! Best of luck to the Ewing family for raising these little guys!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mindy & Vern - Love

On a gorgeously hot day, Mindy and Vern executed their ideal day: beautiful and short ceremony, followed by a quick cake, punch and hors d'oeuvres reception and then out the door to where they wanted to be all along...the honeymoon! It was a fun filled action packed day with a break dancing groomsman, three adorably cute flowergirls and a wealth of family support and love. Thank you again for having us and we wish you both a lifetime of blessings!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amie & Paul ~ Attraction

Amie & Paul are just happy people. You know when you pass by a random couple on the street and think "Awwww, they are super cute together!" That couple is Amie and Paul! We had a blast shooting their Attraction Session which started at Amie's grandma's beautiful backyard and then we headed over to the K-State campus to get some shots of their alma mater! We faced some ridiculous humidity and countless (losing) battles with mosquitoes, but Amie and Paul battled through and we got some awesome shots! Looking forward to your November wedding!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lauren & Caleb - Love

Northbranch, Kansas? Yup, that was the quaint location of Lauren and Caleb's big day! Just a smidgen south of the Kansas/Nebraska border, we truly enjoyed traveling out to this little township and stopping by a local restaurant for an amazingly hearty meal. Enough about us though! After shooting their engagement sessions, we knew that Lauren and Caleb would have a gorgeous wedding and we were right! Their wedding colors of teal and orange definitely matched their fun personalities and we could not contain our excitement when we took pictures in front of Lauren's family's combine! WooHoo! Such a fun and engaging couple, we hope and pray that your best has yet to come!

Go to and click on "Clients" to see more photos of their big day!