Monday, June 15, 2009

The Allen Family

You might be sensing a theme here, but with Brisa's graduation from veterinary school resulted several photography requests from her classmates! Jackie, one of our dearest friends and a leader of our bible study wanted to do a quick family session during graduation weekend and I was happy to help! We met at the University Gardens at K-State and tried to make the session as painless as possible for Jackie's dad and brother who a) weren't too excited to be taking pictures in the first place and b) definitely did not want to be up and taking pictures that early in the morning, BUT we persevered and had a great time together! Plus, after the family shoot, I was able to take a few pictures of the adorably cute couple, Jackie and Matt! :)

To view all of their photos, go to their online gallery: The Allen Family!

Thanks again for having take a few photos of your family and best of luck to Jackie in her new career as a veterinarian!!! :)


  1. Love the one of the whole family in front of the fountain! Great shot! and the one with the feet and shadows is awesome too!

  2. thanks so much! they were a fun family! :)


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