Thursday, June 4, 2009

Krista & Travis ~ Attraction

Krista and Travis wanted pictures together before Krista headed off to her internship! Krista and Brisa were classmates at the vet school and Travis is probably one of the most laidback and friendly people I know! They are both so incredibly cute together and especially when they have their dogs! Just one big happy family :) The absolute coolest thing about Krista and Travis is how supportive they are of each other. Being a significant other of a veterinary medical student is not easy. Being a veterinary medical student is not easy either. To see them excel as a couple over the past couple of years is wonderfully amazing!

I think more couples should get their picture taken, seriously. And that's not just me talking to support my profession either! When Brisa and I wanted to put together a slideshow for our wedding, we could only find a handful of decent pictures of us! So, all you couples out there...yes, I mean you, go out and take some photos together! Just for fun because photography is always FUN! :)

To view all of their pictures, please visit their online gallery: Krista & Travis!

Thanks again guys for having me take your pictures! Hope you had as much fun as I did!!! :)


  1. Great photos!! I love Manhattan. I totally miss it!!!

  2. dude, you were shooting on my building! did you do this on a weekday? if so, you were probably bugging the office staff from my program! nicely done! =]

  3. thanks all! sorry Rik, we did it on a weekend! But now that I know how easy it is to get up there...(madness ensues) :)


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