Thursday, May 29, 2008

Traci & Aaron Attraction Session

Traci and Aaron are way too much fun! We couldn't pick just a handful of pics, so we included 9! The most ever for any blog post :) That's right, they were that much fun! They have been doing the long distance thing for a while now and so they are so so happy to finally get married and eventually live in the same town! After playing semi-pro basketball in Australia, Aaron is now stateside for good. With Traci finishing up her year of veterinary school, they are well on their way to living the good life. Best wishes to the two of you!

Hsiehs in Manhattan!

Chris' parents came out to visit Manhattan, KS for the first time since he moved out here and we had a wonderful time hanging out, relaxing and eating really well. His parents used to live in Witchita, KS for a year or so before heading out west to California. They thoroughly enjoyed re-living the Kansas landscape and the midwest culture. Probably the highlight of their visit was the K-State Dairy Bar for both ice cream and good ol Kansas beef! Hopefully we will see them again soon!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weisshaar Joy Session

Kennedy has grown up so fast! We have had the honor and privilege of seeing Kennedy (and her parents) grow and develop over the past several months and it is so much fun to see the progression and how quickly life happens. Jerilynn and Jeron love Kennedy so much and it is so evident just by watching the two of them and how they care for her. Definitely looking forward to our next shoot together!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meredith & Jason Attraction Session

Meredith, an up and coming photographer (check out her work), and Jason, a military man, wanted a few pictures together because they have not had any taken since their wedding day. It's so sad about how consumed you become with your wedding pictures and then you don't have anymore taken until like your 50th anniversary! Enough of the tangents, you can tell by the photos how much this couple loves to have fun and be silly together. It was hilarious following them around the K-State University Gardens because I could never predict what they would do next! It made the session so much more relaxed and so much easier to take some candid shots. Best of luck to you both and thank you Jason for doing what you do!

Jenny & Josh Attraction Session

They met at church. He partially owns his own airplane. They just bought a brand new home. She teaches. They flew in for their engagement shoot. How awesome is that? Well, definitely not as awesome as actually meeting Jenny & Josh! Very comfortable with each other and just plain happy. Jenny is a delight. She can not stop herself from smiling even when under pressure :) Can't wait to get some shots on their wedding day with their airplane in the background. It's going to guessed it...awesome!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jenny & Casey Attraction Session

Recently had the opportunity to head over to Kansas University for the time to do an Attraction session with Jenny & Casey. Gotta admit, the KU campus is gorgeous! Never thought that there could be so many hills in Kansas, but KU proves that Kansas is not as flat as Wizard of Oz makes it out to be! Anyhow, Jenny and Casey were kind enough to be tour guides and we thoroughly enjoyed walking around campus. Jenny's smile is priceless and we are all super excited for their wedding in October!

Celine & Chuck - Attraction Session

Too much fun. That's how I describe Celine & Chuck. Too much fun. They are both such hedonistic people with an incredibly tangible love for each other and their smiles are absolutely infectious! We had the opportunity to go from Top of the World Park to a little alley on Poyntz and then to a random home where Celine found some adorable old school desks! We had a blast! Looking forward to their upcoming July wedding!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Godspeed Pima

The world suffered a loss yesterday. Pima Chiang, 35, minister, from Qi-Mei, Taiwan passed away last night due to liver cancer. Pima was one of those unforgettable people because of how self-less he was and how much he enjoyed laughing, telling stories, singing and having fun.

In 2004-2005, Chris went on a mission trip to Taiwan for 6 weeks in back to back summers to teach English to young Taiwanese kids. Pima was one of the staff workers and they quickly grew a quick friendship and bond because they both enjoyed laughing and making fun of themselves. Due to a tsunami in 2005, Chris stayed another week in Taiwan and they hung out the entire time and had some crazy experiences such as trying monkey soup!

We are saddened and shocked to see him go, but we find comfort that he is now walking with Christ in heaven. To his friends, family and loved ones, we send our sincerest condolences.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Courtney & John - Attraction Session

Awesome. Can't wait for Courtney & John's wedding. Based on the amount of fun we had on their engagement shoot, their wedding is going to be just phenomenal! Plus, Bradley J (of 103.5 fame) is going to be the DJ! Sweetness. They both have so much personality and zest for life that it was difficult getting them to pose for a more serious, formal picture; hence, none are posted here :) Congrats on your engagement and see you in September!