Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jen & Jason | Attraction Session | Kansas | b & Chris

At one of our favorite weddings ever (Amanda & Ryan), b and I met the incredibly gorgeous and sweet, Jen. Well, when Jason proposed to Jen and Jen asked La Brisa to photograph her wedding, we were seriously elated. They are so incredibly gracious with each other and they are an adorable couple that b and I loved getting to know during their Attraction Session!

Thank you again for selecting La Brisa to photograph your engagement images. I hope that you LOVE your images and I am super excited for b to photograph your wedding!

You can view more images from their session on the La Brisa Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Touchdown in Augusta, GA! - b

We’ve slept in hotel rooms for the last seven nights, but it is finally here! Mr. Mussack and I will be moving into our new Cottage TODAY!! We (Mr. Mussack, Belle and I) could not be more ready!

I will post an update with photos of our new digs, and of course our new city, but for now please enjoy a little peak into what I would like to think a rockstar’s life would be like on a budget.

until next time,
just b
free continental breakfast = free continental snack!

new frontiers in the fast food world = fantastic sweet tea

a new Costco membership = 90 pt wine and $1 wine glasses

hotel mattress = spark for a wake up

army move = a ridiculous amount of paperwork

no house for a week = living out of luggage

moving with a dog = undivided attention

new town = new roads

awesome husband = happiness

being positive = new opportunities are welcome (including wearing sandals early!!)

Monday, February 27, 2012

La Brisa's 2012 Remaining Wedding Dates - Chris

Happy Monday everyone! Today, I want to share with you my remaining available wedding dates for 2012. I would LOVE to photograph 3 more weddings to reach my goal for 2012 and I am hoping that you can help spread the word about La Brisa! Here are the Saturdays of the weekends that I still have available:

April 28th
May 12th
May 19th
September 15th
September 29th
October 13th
November 17th
December 1st
December 15th

Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this post if you are interested in booking me for your wedding. You can read reviews of La Brisa’s work here –

Thank you so much for your continued love and support!

Here are a few recent wedding images:

Friday, February 24, 2012

La Brisa Ridiculousness!

Happy Friday everyone! I am in my hometown, San Jose, California for the weekend for a few sessions and b has safely arrived in her new home, Augusta, Georgia and so the La Brisa team is probably as far apart as we have ever been! In honor of that, I decided to feature a few of the behind the scenes images from a few of our recent portrait sessions together while we were both in Manhattan, Kansas. Besides the rapport we have when shooting together, one of the benefits of shooting together is taking ridiculous candid images of each other while we work. We started doing this awhile back and we have become more and more into it everytime we shoot!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

You can view more behind the scenes images on our La Brisa Facebook page by heading over to our Purely Ridiculousness Albums - HERE (be sure to check out all 5 of our Ridiculousness albums!).

Special thanks to Autumn of Falling Leaves Photography for several of these images!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

52 WoA: Week 30 - OOF (Purposely Out of Focus)

this week is a succinct overview of my personality. if you've ever met me, I think you'd understand.
it's honestly the reason behind this tattoo. I'm constantly OOF, but I love it.
I love that life has me pulled in every direction.
I love that I won't allow others to take me too seriously. I mean really, I stick my pinky out when I shoot...who does that?!
with all of my flaws, I love that my friends and family keep me focused. thank you, guys.

Shutter speed: 1/60
Aperture: f/1.8
ISO: 250
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3

Sometimes, life just floats by while you are stationary and watch it pass you. Originally, I wanted to do a cool photo of cars driving by me and creating awesome streaks of light. After a few images, I realize that that was boring and so overdone. I decided to go in the complete opposite direction and freeze all of the traffic to slow life down a bit. Sometimes, slowing things down and unfocusing can help you refocus yourself again.

Shutter speed: 1/320th
Aperture: f/1.4
ISO: 6400
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta

As a photographer, sometime you need to work on things outside of your normal purview and this project is going to help us (and you) challenge, grow and creatively develop your photography as a whole. Weekly for the next year, we will be sharing our images with you here!

For those of you interested in participating, PLEASE join us! The more the merrier! You definitely do not need to be a professional photographer, this is something you can easily do with your point and shoot, cell phone, ipad2, etc. You can comment with a link to your image here on our blog or on our La Brisa fan page or you can tag La Brisa Photography in your image on your own FB page or use the hashtag #52WoA on twitter that way we can share your efforts with everyone else! If you are interested in joining our La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshop group on FB, please request to join as we will also be sharing our images there too.

Next Thursday, March 1st, Week 31: “What I consider dessert” will be due. The image must be created between today and March 1st. Good luck!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Here is the full list of 52 Weeks of Awesomeness!
Week 1               Free for All
Week 2               Introduce yourself
Week 3               Show us your home
Week 4               Your Name
Week 5               Sports (anything related, teams, players, equipment, etc,)
Week 6               Guilty Pleasures
Week 7               ONE object shot at 5 different angels/distances
Week 8               One for the road (signs, streets, traffic, etc.)
Week 9               Objects that tell something about you
Week 10             Things that make your life easier
Week 11             Your favorite color
Week 12             Household item
Week 13             Foods
Week 14             Flashed (an image created using artificial light)
Week 15             Sun (sunlight, sunset, sunrise, etc)
Week 16             Emotion
Week 17             Lines
Week 18             What you do outside the world of photography
Week 19             Weather
Week 20             Emotional attachment (heirloom/special gift, etc.)
Week 21             Pets
Week 22             Things you couldn't live without
Week 23             Habits
Week 24             Fire (candle, fireplace, etc.)
Week 25             Hats
Week 26             Textures
Week 27             Hands
Week 28             Shoes
Week 29             Jewelry
Week 30             OOF (Out of Focus)…purposely OOF
Week 31             What I consider dessert
Week 32             Fill the Frame (close ups)
Week 33             A week in our lives
Week 34             Faith (what you believe)
Week 35             Dance (body in motion)
Week 36             Family & Friends
Week 37             SOOC (straight out of the camera)…before & after
Week 38             Patriotic
Week 39             Object: straight up shots and then straight down shots
Week 40             Something at night
Week 41             Something that gives you the feeling of warmth
Week 42             Smell
Week 43             Water
Week 44             Animals
Week 45             Music
Week 46             Reflections/Shadows
Week 47             Flowers
Week 48             Sleep
Week 49             Action Shots
Week 50             Circles
Week 51             Your car
Week 52             Self portrait

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The H Family | Joy Session | Texas | Chris

The H family is one of my favorite families to photograph ever. Why, you ask? Because they are crazy fun. So much personality and zest for life that it is just entertaining and hilarious being around them for even a short amount of time. We started their session at their beautiful home and then headed over to a fairly awesome location where I have wanted to shoot at for a long time. And in true H family form, they totally rocked out their session!

Thank you again for selecting La Brisa to photograph your Joy Session. I hope that you LOVE your images and I cannot wait until next time!

You can view more images from their session on the La Brisa Facebook page by clicking HERE.