Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Daberkow Family + Morgan's Senior Portraits by Chris!

When I offered the associate photographer position to Brandi, our lives were absolutely crazy! She had just recently moved to Manhattan and I was in the process of moving out of Manhattan, but I really wanted to do a dedicated training session for her to go over a few techniques and things that she could try on her own shoots. Luckily, Brandi's amazingly beautiful family was coming into town to visit so we set up a mini family shoot plus a senior session for her sister, Morgan!

I took the Nebraskans to the always picturesque Konza Prairie and it was a gloriously beautiful and surprisingly not unbearably hot summer day! We wandered around on the trails and alternated between shooting the entire family, Morgan's senior pics and then I snagged a few of just the parents! So the Daberkows are freakin hilarious. Seriously. Totally insulting each other the entire time and always laughing and having a great time! Not to mention, I've never seen parents of 20+ years show so much love and consideration for each other. Super cute. You'll see. I'll prove it!

With Brandi, I went over lighting, posing and camera setting techniques. We shoot in all Manual which takes a while to get comfortable with, but Brandi has really picked up on things very quickly and she continues to bring an awesome new perspective for La Brisa Photography!

Thanks again everyone for the fun shoot! Can't wait to see you all again! :)

You can view all of the pictures through the Daberkows' online gallery: The Daberkow Family!

Enjoy the photos!

Forgot to mention that we started out with the freakin adorable Jezebelle!

This was my first shoot using the Canon 135 f/2 L lens and it is incomparable. Unbelievable sharpness and quality...not to mention the gorgeous model, Morgan!

The beautiful family

Ok, now prepare yourselves because all parents should be this much in love and affectionate!


Another recent favorite!

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Check out the slideshow from their entire session!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Weisshaar Family by Chris!

I love being a family's personal photographer! It's so awesome seeing a family's development and growth! You may recall the Weisshaar family from here, here, here, here and here! One of the hardest things about leaving the Kansas area was leaving all of the amazing relationships that I had developed with my clients over the years! With another baby on the way, hopefully Brandi will pick up the slack so that the Weisshaars won't be without some La Brisa Photography love! :)

Brandi and I headed out to Alma, Kansas for their awesome shoot! I can't believe how big Kennedy is now! From visiting them in the hospital right after Kennedy was born through seeing her almost two years later, Kennedy has definitely grown as much as my photography skills and business! And she's been there every step of the way in helping me improve!

Thanks again so much for having me take your family photos! Many blessings to you with your beautiful expanding family!!! :)

Enjoy the pictures!

One of my favorite photos ever. Yup, went there.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Andrew ~ Motocross Style by Chris!

Andrew's parents wanted a few action shots of their son and his favorite hobby, motocross and I nearly jumped out of my shoes with excitement when they asked me to take them! Come on! A muddy track plus an ubercool motocross rider, what's not to like??? With the help of Sara Mays Photography, we headed out to the track and had an absolutely awesome time!

I have never had an opportunity to shoot motocross before so I was looking forward to challenging myself to try a technique called panning and I also did a little research about motocross pictures beforehand. To all of you aspiring photographers out there, make sure you do your homework before your shoots! Go to the magazine aisle at your local grocery/book store and pick up various types of magazines to see how shots are set up, the composition and the lighting they used. Then tweak those ideas to make them more of your style at your actual shoot! Blogs are another awesome way to learn and to gain inspiration too!

Back to Andrew, he's only been riding for a short time, but he's already excelled and improved dramatically over most riders! He has had his share of broken bones, bumps and bruises (how's that for alliteration? Sorry, I was an English major in my past life), as all real riders do and each time he's gotten back up on his bike and steadily progressed! I can't wait to see where motocross will take Andrew because from what I hear from his mom...he's the best rider in the world! Gotta love moms! :)

Thank you again for inviting Sara and myself out to the track and take a few action shots! We got a little dirty, laughed quite a bit and overall LOVED your session because it was so unique!

You can view all of Andrew's pictures in his online gallery: Andrew ~ Motocross! Enjoy the photos!

A couple of detail shots to get us started :)

Big time AIR!

And I'll leave you with Andrew and his parents! :)

Click the PLAY icon to view a slideshow of all of Andrew's pictures!

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