Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Megan - Style Session

Megan is super cool. Just an awesome personality: honest, carefree and easy going. A recent college grad from K-State and will soon be working at K-State full time. We went out to an abandoned area outside of Manhattan and shot through sunset! Megan was up for anything and made the shoot so much fun and allowed us to be as creative as we wanted. Best of luck to Megan and her future endeavors!

Lindsey & Billy - Attraction Session

After a brief hiatus from blogging, we are back and we have a ton to catch up on!
Lindsey and Billy are awesome. Very laid back and easy going. Billy serves our country and Lindsey is a hair designer in Manhattan. They met when Billy went in for a hair cut and the rest is history :) We met on a glorious day at City Park and the skies and sunset were absolutely perfect. They played softball and baseball at school and so we took the opportunity to grab some pitching mound kissing shots to end our session. We are definitely looking forward to their upcoming wedding!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornadoes in Manhattan

Last night, Manhattan was ravaged by tornadoes. From the reports, three different ones touched down all across the town. President Wefald announced that there were approximately $20 million dollars worth of damages on the K-State campus alone. However, that does not include the complete devastation of the True Value Hardware store and of the numerous lost homes in the SW side of town. After wandering around and taking pictures, one of the more interesting things were just the tree stumps without the rest of the tree anywhere to be found. Our prayers go out to all of those families and business owners impacted by this awesomely destructive storm.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Richardson Family - Joy Session

Dean Richardson and his wife, Beverly, are probably two of the most amazing people we know. They have such unbelievable compassion and generosity for others and they are always willing to open up their home and their lives to anyone. Not only that, they also have beautiful children and adorably wonderful grandchildren. We spent some time over at K-State's University Gardens and truly enjoyed ourselves! The Richardson family was such a delight to watch because they all genuinely enjoy each other immensely!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Emily & Paul Attraction Session

2 computer engineers. One does THIS as a hobby. One does not. And frankly, we tend to side with the one that does not :) Impressive to say the least. After meeting at Legends and documenting the first "dip" of Emily and Paul's relationship, we headed over to the beautiful Wyandotte County Lake Park. Unbelievably expansive and full of foliage, we did not want to leave. Thanks for Emily and Paul for being so willing and open to hanging around for a while so that we could get in all of our shots! With such fun and spunky personalities, we can't wait to shoot their upcoming wedding! See you in October!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

In Loving Memory - Bella

It saddens us so much. Bella passed away recently and we were devastated to hear the unfortunate news. Shock, disbelief and prayers ensued. We will definitely miss this superbly photogenic bulldog and we send her owner our deepest condolences and well wishes.

The Ewings & Claudia Joy Session

It is rare when you get to see the backyard of the owners of a major landscaping and nursery company, let alone do a photo shoot there...and so when Mary led us on a dirt road into Keats, we knew we had to be going somewhere special. And this backyard did not disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous and enormous, it had everything: gazebos, bridges, open field, fences, etc.
Ok, now back to the Ewings and Claudia :) So based on the vastness of area, Alicia, Bethany and Claudia had no idea that we would be running them all over the yard to showcase their unique looks and personalities. We could not stop laughing at Alicia and Bethany poking fun at each other and always giving their host sister, Claudia, a hard time everytime she would say something a little off. At the end, we finally roped Mary into taking a few with her girls and we were glad she did!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clark Family - OpLove Session

We love being associated with the Operation Love Reunited organization and it makes it all the more worthwhile when we get an opportunity to meet such a beautiful and uplifting family such as the Clarks. All of the children have the most gorgeous blue eyes and Ashley and Toby make for amazing parents. For a couple of hours we hung out at Annenberg Park and did some formals and then just let the kids run free and we had awesome time hanging out, laughing and smiling! Thank you to the Clarks for the sacrifices and for the work that they do!