Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Arnold & Hayes Families!

You may recall the impromptu photo shoot I did with my favorite miniature long haired wiener dog, Max back in the day...well just from those photos, Max's parents wanted to do a full family photo session!!! Can I just say that the Arnold parents are absolutely positively one of the most hilarious sets of parents that I have ever met? I found myself doubled over in laughter on several occasions because of them and it was awesome! So here are what the Arnold and Hayes families brought to the table: comedians for parents, adorably cute children, matching outfits and the willingness to have a great time. What more could I have wanted? :)

We headed over to Tuttle Creek State Park and the weather was amazing! Not too hot, not too cold and so after a few family portraits we turned the kids loose at the playground and it was perfect! Wow, I really overuse the exclamation point when I blog, but I don't care because that is how excited I am when I work! :) Anywho, thanks again to the Arnold and Hayes families for selecting me as their photographer!

To view and order prints of all of their photos, head on over to their online gallery: Arnold & Hayes Families!

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