Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Photo Documentary?

Hey all, we are planning on doing a photo documentary of Halloween this year! We want to find the best and craziest costumes and we want to see people having an awesome time! If you know of a place or are interested in getting your pictures taken, please leave a comment or contact us through our main website www.labrisaphotography.com!

The pictures will be similar to the K-State Tailgating slideshow... a few candids and a few group shots! One more thing, we're looking to stay in the Manhattan area!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kansas State Tailgating

One of the things that we have been desperately wanting to do for a while now is to do a photo documentary on tailgating at K-State. Coming from a Division II school, we have never experienced tailgating like this. Simply, it is phenomenal. Row upon row of cars and people surround the stadium numerous hours prior to kickoff and are having an absolute blast eating, laughing and being merry! Washers, ladder golf, music, dancing, grilling...K-State tailgaters had everything. Not only is everyone well prepared, they are super generous and willing to share with anyone! We were offered all kinds of foods and drinks, but the topper was the 20+ person group Jello Shot! And they were kind enough to save us one for after we took the picture! We loved seeing everyone all dressed up and because of our love for dogs, we had to include them too!

We had a blast roaming around and meeting a ton of new people and we are planning on adding to this project hopefully with another game this season! Lastly, we decided to present the slideshow in black and white because we believe that it adds to the timelessness of the day; nonetheless, we are confident that you can still see the purple shine through!

Special thanks to all of the people who allowed us to take your picture and we sincerely appreciate the food and beverages! :)

Go K-State!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Courtney & John - Love in Manhattan, KS

Courtney and John know how to party. That's it. That's all you need to know. They party like rockstars and it was awesome! You may remember them from their engagement session here and so based on those photos we were super excited for their wedding day! We were not disappointed in the least!

We started at the Holiday Inn while Courtney was doing her hair and makeup and then we headed to the quaint Crossroads Baptist Church in Riley for the ceremony. One of our favorite pictures is when Courtney and her dad see each other for the first time after Courtney finishes making herself beautiful! There was just so much raw emotion in that one moment that the day could have ended right then and there and everyone would go home happy...except for John, maybe :)

The ceremony was short and sweet and then everyone was ready to start celebrating. During the formals, we probably had the biggest failure ever. We wanted Courtney to lay across the backs of the groomsmen and it failed. Epic fail! You'll see in the pictures though that Courtney had a really good time with it and it all worked out in the end!

Courtney and John, well, Courtney more than John, is a huge K-State fan; hence, the shoes and garter and the royal purple! So naturally we went to campus to take some fun portraits of just the two of them before their reception at the Holiday Inn! With Bradley J pumping up the crowd, the party went well into the night and it was an absolute blast! Everyone, and I mean everyone was dancing, reveling, laughing and it truly was a joy to witness it all!

Congratulations Courtney and John and we wish you the very best! Many blessings to you both and your future family! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Howdy all! We just celebrated our first year of being in business and we gotta admit, everything has surpassed our wildest and most optimistic expectations! We cannot thank enough all of the people who have supported us and recommended us to their friends and loved ones! But we especially want to thank both Brisa and Chris' families for all of their love and prayers as well as Erica, Anobel and Chris for being our everyday consultants of La Brisa Photography and really being the foundation of our successes!

Breakdown by the numbers from the beginning through the first week of January 2009:

30 Attraction Sessions: Anniversaries, Engagements, Couples in Love
12 Celebration Sessions: Parties, Non-wedding Events
2 Happiness Sessions: Pets -> makes us sad because we LOVE pets!
16 Joy Sessions: Families
20 Love Sessions: Weddings :)
18 Style Sessions: Senior Portraits, Headshots, Friends
98 Total Sessions = about 7 sessions per month!

With that being said, we are completely booked for the rest of 2008! Woohoo! If you are interested in having some awesome pictures taken, please feel free to contact us for our own personal recommendations! We love to share the love :)

Check back later for some exciting changes at La Brisa Photography and for some teasers from Courtney & John's wedding!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Please Support Ashleigh!

Hey all you loyal La Brisa Photography blog readers! This is for you! A good friend of ours and an amazing designer, Ashleigh, has entered into a graphic design contest and needs some love! Please read the following email from her and vote for her design! She's a senior at K-State and she is well on her way towards a trendsetting career!

Hey all,

I entered my design in a contest to send me to NY. The design is for
YSL's Rouge Volupte Lipstick collection. The more votes I get, the
better chance I have at winning! Go to this link and vote! Thanks so
much for your help, wish me luck!!!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Futbol de Dexters :)

We were asked to take some action shots during the Strikers futbol match and we absolutely jumped at the opportunity! Partly because Chris is a huge futbol fan and played and coached for many years and partly because it was something different and fun for us to try! You may recall the fun-loving Dexters from their family session and so we were super excited to hang out with them again!
The Strikers got off to a slow start and fell behind early, but Jake played extremely well! He was all over the place. Moving from forward to left back to the midfield and then back up to forward, we think the coach know he has something special in Jake! After several runs on goal (and several no-foul calls), Jake had a couple of great chances on target that just barely missed!
While Jake was working hard, his mom and his brothers were goofing off on the sidelines and enjoying the gorgeous day!
Unfortunately, the Strikers made a valiant comeback, but they fell a little short. But nothing turns a loss into a smile like snacks and the parent-tunnel you get to run through at the end of the game!
Thanks again for having us come out to your match and best of luck for the rest of the season!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Samantha & Tim - Attraction

Samantha & Tim were literally up for anything. Get a little dirty? Check. Get a little wet? Check. Get a little barefoot? Check. Get soaking wet? Check, check and check. That being said, we had an awesome session running around K-State and Pillsbury Crossing! If you have not had an opportunity to go out to Pillsbury, please do! What a cool place to hang out, get a little wet, bring the kids (human or canine) and just have some fun!

We just want to thank Tim for his commitment to fighting for our country. We appreciate your efforts, dedication and commitment and we wish him the very best!

Now, onto the less-serious stuff! Couldn't Sam and Tim be models? Their looks and expressions are timeless! They definitely could rock a few billboards and magazines, don't you think? So, after finding out how they met (you'll need to ask them for the details), we knew right away how laid back and open Sam and Tim would be for their shoot! On an absolutely perfect day, we had the opportunity to witness the love and affection between these two and how "absence truly makes the heart grow fonder"! Being deployed and then reunited throughout their relationship, we can't blame them for wanting to spend every waking second together!

Congrats again on your engagement and upcoming wedding! We wish you many blessings now and in the future!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

National Alpaca Farm Days - Cedar Breaks Farm

National Alpaca Farm Days? What? Because we are super cool, some of us went to Cedar Breaks Farm in Manhattan, Kansas to take advantage of a sweet opportunity to tour alpaca farms. Apparently, for a couple of days each year, all alpaca farms open up their doors and let anyone and everyone come and see how alpacas are raised!
How could we pass up such an opportunity? That's right, we couldn't. Robyn was our gracious host who introduced us to their alpacas and llama! Immediately, we fell in love with Nip, a baby alpaca (white one), who would follow Robyn around wherever she went like a little dog. You may be wondering how we can consider these animals to be cute, but once you meet them and pet them, they totally grow on you! They may have faces that only a mother could love, but we still think they are fun and really cool animals!
With prices ranging from $12,500 to $150,000 for these animals, Robyn was incredibly gracious by allowing us near them and more importantly, to get some awesome alpaca action shots! Possibly the highlight of the day was the very end, when Mr. Llama would not stop posing for pictures! Ears back, ears up, showing teeth, not showing teeth, he knew how to work it!
Thanks again Cedar Breaks Farm for sharing your animals with us!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An Awesome Opportunity!!!

Hey all, our good friend and amazing photographer, Erica, is doing a sweet Christmas Family Portrait Contest through her blog! If you are near the KC area or are planning to go to KC soon, you should definitely check it out and nominate a deserving family (including yours) for the contest!

The deadline is this SUNDAY, October 12th, so get your entries in NOW!

What's better than FREE, right?

Below is just a glimpse of the awesomeness that is www.ericamay.com!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Joy & David ~ Attraction

Joy and David were too much fun! Seriously, we would suggest one thing and another and they would respond, "Sure. Yes. No problem! Of course!" which made our session that much more engaging and exciting! David has just flown in from California earlier that afternoon, but he powered through and showed no ill effects of jet or travel lag! What a trooper!

We started our session at the gorgeous K-State College of Veterinary Medicine where they spend a ridiculous amount of their time in the past, present and future. With the shadows falling just right, we thoroughly enjoyed making the them contort their bodies in awkward angles to get the shot! And they did so quite willingly! Joy could not stop smiling, giggling and just being joyous (yup, pun intended ~ we're dorky like that)! Which was completely understandable because of their current long distance relationship and so we tried our best to capture her radiance throughout the evening.

After the vet school, we headed over to the Top of the World Park for some awesome sunset shots and some romantically moody photos focused on the love between Joy and David.


Congrats again to the both of you and thank you for selecting us as your photographers! Many blessings to your new and exciting life together!

Kennedy Turns ONE!!!

Our favorite little girl turned one recently and so we had to celebrate by taking some fun pictures at the park! You may recall Kennedy from her previous sessions with us here, here, here and here and it is just so awesome to be able to show her growth and maturity over the past year! This time around, Kennedy is standing up all on her own, walking a little bit and has really grown up!

We walked all around Annenberg Park and then we just had to go over to the softball fields to show the future Team USA Softball player in action! It is simply amazing how the relationship between parent and child develops and that is explicitly evident in watching the interactions between Kennedy and her parents. She would always look to them for approval or attention and we loved seeing the strength of their bond.

Thank you again for selecting us as your photographer and we cannot wait for Kennedy's next milestone! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Amy Jo & Caleb - Love in Wichita, KS

You may recall Amy Jo and Caleb from their sweet engagement session back in October! We must admit...we love being able to do the engagement session and the wedding! We feel like we have such a better bond between each other and are much more comfortable and that makes for fantastic pictures! It rained non-stop on Amy Jo and Caleb's big day, but that did not put a damper on anyone spirits!

Amy Jo was radiantly happy the entire day. She just glowed as she was getting ready, walking down the aisle, throughout the ceremony, especially during the receiving line and at the reception with all of her friends and family! And we could not wipe the goofy grin off of Caleb's face all day (nor would we have wanted to)! Everything was just so family and faith oriented and everyone was incredibly welcoming and friendly!

Thanks again for selecting us as your photographer and we wish you both many blessings in your exciting new life together!