Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kasie & Aleks - Love

Kasie and Aleks feared for the worst on their wedding day. The expert weatherpeople predicted that afternoon showers would leave a distinct mark on their big day, but God had other plans. He parted the clouds and provided an absolutely glorious backdrop for the Schaefer wedding! We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the Schaefer wedding party! Just a ton of fun from obstacle courses to rock throwing contests to a little guitar jam session, they were just awesome! With such a unique location and two people incredibly in love, the Schaefer wedding further cemented why we love wedding photography! Congrats again to you both and many blessings for your future together!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jessi & Scott Attraction Session

Jessi & Scott. What a fantastic couple. So fun, so laid back, so in the moment. They are awesome. No exclamation point required, that's how awesome they are. Their original meeting place is debatable between them, but they have been in love since their freshmen year and their "date walk" ~ ever read love stories where the couple just spent hours together talking until the wee hours of the morning? Well, true story for Jessi and Scott. That's what we mean by awesome. We will see you both in a few short weeks for your big day! And we are definitely looking forward to it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Saundra & Chris - Love

We headed out to Leavenworth, Kansas to the beautiful University of St. Mary campus to celebrate Saundra and Chris' wedding day. With a Kansas chance of rain (ranging from light sprinkles to thunderstorms), there was definitely a nervous excitement that pervaded through the wedding party. But the skies opened up and the gorgeous blue skies and willowy clouds provided a picturesque backdrop for Saundra and Chris ceremony. They met at a Saturn Service Department while waiting for their cars, saw each other from across the room and the rest is history :) Thank you again for allowing us to witness your big day and best of luck to you both in Boston!

Music by Trio Fontana

Heather & Mike - Love

And the wedding season begins! Our first wedding of the year was Heather and Mike's awesome celebration in Manhattan, Kansas. The wedding party, the families and especially Heather and Mike were all so welcoming and fun! We definitely like one of their cherished guests and we had a blast! Everything went so smoothly and the party was over before we knew it. Congrats again to you two!

Awesome tunes by Leslie from Complete Music