Monday, September 29, 2008

Swartz Family - Joy

The Swartzes. Trying saying that 10x fast! What a fun down to earth family. On a gorgeous evening, we took a little drive from Manhattan, KS to Alta Vista, KS to the Swartz's beautiful home! We were super excited (yes, not just excited, super excited) about all of the fun backdrops and props that we could use for their family session! Thanks again gang for having us over and we surely appreciated the steaks!!!

Possibly our favorite from the whole session! Nothing like the grandparents getting a little romantic!!! :)

Just a little bit of fun with the grandkids!
The men and the bike. Love their "hardcore" expressions!

Sisters = super cute

And to end the evening, a little back-breaking exercise for Cathy and Glen! Way to work it!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Joe is ONE!!!!

You may recall Baby Joe from a previous session and look how the young man has grown! Baby Joe officially turned one and we were there to help out with the festivities! We started out by taking some family shots on an awesomely foggy morning at Top of the World Park. The whole clan weathered the super early starting time and we were able to grab some fun and moody shots overlooking Manhattan!
Then, it was party time! Sara made a ridiculously awesome cake for Baby Joe and they had even more fun ripping it apart and feeding it to each other! It was the best food fight since this awesome scene from Hook (which starts at about the 3:25 minute of the clip)! Baby Joe had so many adorable toddler friends and it was like a photography bonanza for us! (Yes, we realize that we use an absurd amount of exclamation points, but we just get so excited about our clients!!!)
Happy Birthday Baby Joe! We with you and your very loving family many blessings in the years to come!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jenny & Josh - Love in Wichita, KS

With a torrential storm on the horizon, there was a bit of nervous anxiety surrounding the day, but you would never know it by looking at Jenny and Josh. They were euphoric. You could not be around them without becoming super excited. They were absolutely contagious and it was awesome.
Their ceremony was incredibly unique in that we have never heard a sermon that placed such importance on Jenny & Josh's purpose for getting married and their encouragement for all of their guests. We were blown away by the truth and inspiration of the pastor's words and how perfect they were for Mr. and Mrs. Long :)
You may recall their sweet engagement session and ever since then, we have been planning this one shot that we have been dying to do...and we nailed it! Check out the last picture of their slideshow to see what we are so pumped about!
Josh & Jenny, thank you again for selecting us as your photographer! We wish you many blessings in your future together!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ryan - Style

Stunning. That's what we think of Ryan. Absolutely stunning. She has such a unique vibe to her and there is just something magnetic about her that you can't quite place your finger on, right? We had an awesome time shooting at the Tuttle Creek Overlook and we were super excited at how well Ryan's session went! Thanks again Ryan for selecting us as your photographer!

Ryan was so natural in front of the camera. Her expression and body language was just timeless.

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Love the look of this shot! Ryan, you should be a model!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jessi & Scott - Love in Abilene, KS

This was by far our most emotional wedding that we have had to date. The love of Jessi's family was so tangible and authentic that it was hard to pry your eyes away from them. They have such a raw magnetism and it was explicitly clear to all attending how much the family cared for each other. And then, to top it off, the looks of happiness and love shared between Jessi and Scott were simply amazing! Throughout their day, they would steal quick glances of each other and it would just make your heart melt. That is what weddings are all about!
Congratulations to both of you and your families! We had an absolute blast at your wedding: the sword fighting, the ridiculously hot-ness of the day, Scott not even sitting with his new wife as they drove away from the reception, the "Scotty's Mom" serenade (awesome, by the way) and the sweet embraces shared by all! Many blessings to your marriage and to your new combined families!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Too Cute

We were at a friend's BBQ recently and Chris couldn't help himself but take pictures of one of our friend's son. Isn't he adorable? Gotta love his open collar and his tiny bling! He's well on his way to living up to his Puerto Rican/Louisianan heritage! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Celine & Chuck - Love

Weddings are beautiful. Plain and simple. Brides look like princesses and grooms look like James Bond. And who doesn't like princesses and James Bond? Celine and Chuck's wedding was no different. Celine looked absolutely gorgeous. Breath-taking, really. The ceremony took place at Chuck's dad's church in tiny Larkinburg, KS which was absolutely perfect for the morning ceremony.
We had a ton of fun with the bridal party and both of the families were so incredibly welcoming and gracious and the breakfast reception at the country club made for some fun golfing photos! Thanks again for having us and we wish you the very best!