Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Family is Growing! =)

With great excitement and elation, I am ridiculously pumped to announce that the La Brisa Photography family is growing! Today, I have the privilege and opportunity to introduce Autumn Shoemaker as the third photographer of our team! With her creativity, vision and perspective, she has all of the inherent tools of a phenomenal photographer and I feel incredibly lucky that she has accepted the offer to partner with b and me! She is located in the Manhattan, Kansas area and is now available for portrait sessions! Please join me in welcoming Autumn to La Brisa!

Without further ado, here is Autumn and the new La Brisa team!

My first stumbleupon of La Brisa happened when Chris and Brisa lost their beloved cat, and a very lovely tribute went out on this blog. This spoke to my heart through the photography (and my love of animals) and I was hooked. I am beyond excited to be working for La Brisa, and cannot wait for all the incredible trips, fabulous sessions and wonderful people that I know are in my future. b and Chris have been so gracious in allowing me to join La Brisa, and in what they have already given to help me develop the skills I need. I'm super blessed to be here, and can't wait to get started!

Some facts about me, in no particular order
I love golden moments of light
I love sunflare
I might be very dramatic…
I love my Nelly-dog a ridiculous amount. Her full name is Penelope Snuffleupagus Button
I wish my life was a musical
My favorite color is green
My family is incredible
I prefer to be barefoot
I harbor a desire to be a carny
I drink coffee like it’s going out of style
Fall is in fact, my favorite time of the year, though not when I was born
My dad is a zoo director, and yes that’s as cool as it sounds
My mom made me part hippie
I yoga
Reading has been a favorite pastime since birth
I might be a bit stubborn
My favorite word is ethereal. Or whimsical. I can’t decide
I’ve been told I’m hard to read
I like to think of myself as free-spirited
I am a photographer.

b and I have been training Autumn since January and here are just a few examples of her awesome work so far! Please check out her portfolio at to view more of her beautiful images AND see the updated portfolios for b and myself as well!

Lastly, Photography for a Cause 2012 starts on Sunday, April 1st! Check out this link - Photography for a Cause for more information! For the month of April, we sell our fine art photographs and 100% of profits are donated to incredible non-profit organizations!

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