Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Touchdown in Augusta, GA! - b

We’ve slept in hotel rooms for the last seven nights, but it is finally here! Mr. Mussack and I will be moving into our new Cottage TODAY!! We (Mr. Mussack, Belle and I) could not be more ready!

I will post an update with photos of our new digs, and of course our new city, but for now please enjoy a little peak into what I would like to think a rockstar’s life would be like on a budget.

until next time,
just b
free continental breakfast = free continental snack!

new frontiers in the fast food world = fantastic sweet tea

a new Costco membership = 90 pt wine and $1 wine glasses

hotel mattress = spark for a wake up

army move = a ridiculous amount of paperwork

no house for a week = living out of luggage

moving with a dog = undivided attention

new town = new roads

awesome husband = happiness

being positive = new opportunities are welcome (including wearing sandals early!!)

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