Monday, July 13, 2009

The Sammis Family!

Umm...I've been neglecting you. My wonderful and beautiful blog and I apologize! I won't ever let it happen again (well, that is until next time).

So let's crank it back up with possibly my shortest family portrait session EVER! Lasted all of 45 minutes because with the heat index, it felt like 114 outside. Yes, seriously. It was absolutely ridiculous. I offered to reschedule, but my clients are diehard like that and I gotta say, it might be my best shortest family photos ever! :) I was en fuego as they say and I had the absolutely awesome Annika (yes, after the golfer...true story) who has probably the bluest eyes I've ever seen! We were all sweating like absolute pigs, but we had enough time to take a few family shots then headed over to the playground for some fun candids before finally succumbing to the unbearable (and probably super unhealthy) heat!

Thanks again to the family for putting up with me (and the heat)! Hope you enjoy your photos!

Probably one of my favorite photos that I've taken in a while! Love this (not to toot my own horn or anything :) !!!

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  1. oh i love how her eyes match her shirt! what a cutie pie!!


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