Monday, July 20, 2009

The Grimsey Family!

You may recall Ashley & Scott's AWESOME engagement session that I did a little while ago...well, if you don't remember, you should because it was AMAZING! :) So, imagine how excited I was to hear about how Scott's family was in town and they wanted family photos! We met on the K-State campus near the International Student Center (which is btw, a FABULOUS location) and we laughed quite a bit, cried a little and smiled a whole heck of a lot! :) I love taking family portraits especially as everyone gets a little older and you can really see the resemblances between the parents and their children! Super fun!

Thanks again and many prayers and blessings for your family!

To view all of their photos, check out their online gallery @ The Grimsey Family!


  1. i love 'feet' shots.. yummy back light and yummy flare!

  2. their shoes were awesome! like father like son!

    I'm thinking that flair may definitely be my thing. can't stop using it in all of my shoots! :)


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