Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Olsen Family

I have soooooooooo much to blog about! So get ready for an action packed couple weeks of blogging! I'm finishing sessions faster than I can blog about them! Here's what you should be looking forward to on the blog: Amy & Steve, Krista & Travis, The Ingram Family, Brisa's Vet School Graduation (woohoo!), Shauna & Brian, Laura and Jake AND The Arnold Family! Whew! Ridiculous, right??? 

For today though, I am super excited to introduce you to Jennifer, Luke and Keaton (who just celebrated his 3-month birthday)!!! Thanks to Ashley and Scott's awesome referral, I had an wonderful time hanging out with the Olsen family! For family sessions, I love going to the family's home because that is where the family a) spends most of its time b) is the most comfortable and c) is the most convenient! So I headed over to their house and the Olsen family is absolutely gorgeous! You're probably thinking...yeah,  yeah, you say that about everyone, but seriously prepare your eyes for the beauty that is the Olsen family! I swear, they could be soap opera stars! That's right, that's how darn good looking they are! :)

We spent some time  in the front yard then to the backyard for a quick photo op of their canine children and then headed inside for some adorable closeups of Mr. Keaton! All the different areas worked brilliantly to showcase this beautiful family!

Thank you again sooooooo much for having me shoot your family session! I had such a wonderful time and I hope you did too!

To view and order prints of all of the photos, click here: The Olsen Family!



And Baylea

See what I mean? Absolutely GORGEOUS! :)


  1. I love your pics. I'm going to forward your blog address to my sis in law who also photographs. I really like the pic of the back of the baby's hand with the wedding rings on it. I'm amazing he held still long enough! (My baby is to-the-max wiggly!)

  2. Great pictures! They are gorgeous!

  3. Love the one of them on the floor behind the couch. so creative! and love the feet one. too cute!!! Great work!

  4. thanks so much! for the rings picture, we probably had like 200 takes to get the right one! Keaton would throw the rings into the air or pound of them a little bit! it was a little nerve racking but I love the end result! :)


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