Monday, March 28, 2011

Coby | Pets | San Jose, CA | Chris

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful weekend! Today, I want to share Coby with you! She is somewhere between 15-16 years old and she is awesome! In high school and when I would come home from college, we'd go to a nearby park and spend hours playing frisbee together. She was like the energizer bunny and just kept going and going and going...

My sister, Val, and I adopted Coby while my parents were away on vacation. We didn't really ask them for permission and I don't think that they were very happy with us about adopting her, but they never said anything about it. Yup, at the time, it was probably the most rebellious thing that we ever did (yes, we like to live dangerously). And she has been a wonderful part of our family ever since!

Now in her older age, she still loves to play and has spurts of energy, but she probably spends 90% of her day sleeping and just enjoying the good life! The best part is how Coby and my parents have grown older together and continue to take care of each other. Coby, I hope you live forever and I can't wait to see you again when I come home in a few weeks! =)

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