Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Canvas Wraps!

Through an amazing opportunity at my wife's office, Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group ~ Brooklyn (VERG), I was able to decorate the front lobby and main hallway with a few of my favorite pet photographs! I definitely feel honored and privileged for the opportunity and with a bit of help from my friends, family and fellow photographers, I selected a variety of pictures to present as my vision for the space. We decided on using 2.5" think museum quality canvas wraps for a consistent theme throughout the office and I am extremely pleased with the results!

A huge amount of thanks goes to the awesome staff at VERG for their support and encouragement with the pictures and obviously, I could not have even dreamed of the opportunity let alone fulfilled it without my amazing wife!

Lastly, I just wanted to thank all of my former clients for allowing me to take these pictures of their cherished four legged children! :)

I ordered 20 canvas wraps ranging in size from 16x20 to 20x40 for various places in the office. To say I was a bit overwhelmed when they arrived would be an understatement.

I went through and checked them all and they all looked perfect!

For Lobby/Waiting Area, I went with an all black and white theme for a very clean and open look to the room

The 4 wraps side by side are each 24"x36"

The 2 wraps on the right are each 16"x20"

Facing the front door

The 2 wraps on the left are 16"x20" and the vertical wrap is 24"x36"

For the front desk, I wanted to separate the areas a bit and further their branding with a landscape 20"x40" wrap of the Brooklyn Bridge in color

From the front desk, you walk into the main area with the exam rooms and due to the narrow quarters, I selected color photos so that they would really "pop" off the walls

The wrap on the right is 24x36" and the wrap on the left is 24"x24"

Both of these wraps are 16"x30"







For all of the canvas wraps, I used White House Custom Color and they did phenomenally well! I'd love to hear your impressions/comments on everything! Selecting the pictures and the placement of those pictures was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in photography because I have always been and always will be my harshest critic (like most photographers)! =)


  1. i love them all!! these look so great on canvas! wow! i love how the black and whites look. perfect for that space, too. i also love how happy that makes the space feel. was there anything on the walls before? i love when a place is decorated in a way that makes me feel happy, even if i'm there because my precious puppy is sick. i'm sure their clients will love having these fun pet photos to look at! :)

  2. really chris you did an amazing job with the placement of the photos! if i was a patient there (err...i mean my pup/cat) i know i would feel so much more confident and comfortable knowing that the people in the office are REAL and genuine people - that's the emotion you evoke through the images you placed there. fantastic work!

  3. you did an incredible job Chris!! i wish i could see them in person. i recognize several of the pictures from some of our shoots this summer and of course, Genesis. i think this is great for the vet clinic...i would go there to have Gen taken care of if i saw all of these pictures. you did a great job!!

  4. awesome, awesome awesome.. looks fabulous!!

  5. thanks all! still getting used to seeing them all when I visit the wifey at work. it's unreal! appreciate all the kind words! :)


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