Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fundraiser for HOBY -

Happy Sunday everyone! Many of you are well aware of my awesome friendship with Erica from and I wanted to share a fundraising event that she is currently doing! For those of you in/near/around the Kansas City area, Erica is offering a discounted rate for her portrait sessions and 100% of the proceeds go to young leaders who may not have the financial ability to attend the HOBY leadership conference on their own. Erica, does a FAR superior job of explaining everything, so check out her blog and support her cause!

And here are a few pics that took of Brisa and me during her recent visit to Brooklyn just in case you doubted her awesomeness! :)

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  1. thanks, chris! i hope i can get more filled up to benefit HOBY! :) thanks for helping spread the word!


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