Friday, February 12, 2010

Wedding Albums are HERE! :)

Finally! After hemming and hawing over album vendors, graphic designers, pricing, etc, Brandi and I are CRAZY excited to announce professionally designed, 30 page BEAUTIFUL leather bound wedding albums to all of our awesome clients! I can not explain how pumped I am about this new partnership with KISS wedding books and the amazing designers from and!  I am not a professional graphic designer nor will I ever pretend to be and so that is why I have selected these two design firms to handle all of your needs! Through this unique relationship, you receive professionally trained designers who have the technical knowledge AND the artistic vision to create your wedding album masterpiece!

Here is how it will work for our clients:

  1. Select size of album either 10"x10" or 12"x12" and how many 4"x4" parent/friend/bragbook albums you'd like
  2. Select your cover color
  3. Select which designer you prefer (see below for samples)
  4. Select your favorite 60-90 pictures from your wedding
  5. Fill out the album questionnaire
  6. Chat with your designer about any additional preferences (optional)
  7. View your completed proof
  8. Edit up to three pages of your album
  9. Expect delivery 3-4 weeks from final approval
Now, onto the samples!

These albums have beautiful not too thick and not too thin pages

One of the features I love are lay-flat pages

Here are the awesome variety of sumptuous leather cover colors

Possibly the coolest thing about selecting KISS as our album vendor is that they offer parent/friend/bragbook albums which are 4"x4" exact replicas of your larger wedding album!

Here is a comparison of the Parent/Friend/Bragbook album compared to a 12"x12" Wedding Album

And here you can see how they mimic each other

The following images are the awesome designs from Ashleigh Thomson

The following images are two rockin designs from Element Creative Studio

Design #1

Design #2

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  1. great job chris! i love the collaboration. is this something they're extending services and collaboration with to other photographers as well??


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