Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RIP Howie :(

In my world, pets are equal to children. Proper diets, regular checkups, plenty of exercise, discipline, etc, etc are all just part of the process of raising, caring for them and loving them like our own children. So when a family member passes, it takes a toll on everyone involved. With a heavy heart, I honor this post to the lasting memory of Howie. Recently, one of our friends in Brooklyn lost her Howie. I only had the privilege of meeting him once, but I immediately knew he was incredibly fun-loving, loyal and had such a joyful spirit!

Blessings to Howie up in doggy heaven and that he's running around and doing everything he loves to do! Many prayers to Howie's mommy for closure, acceptance and celebration for everything that he gave her in his lifetime...

Sooooo unbelievably adorable!

Love the way he's looking as his mom in the picture...

One of my favorite dog pictures...ever.


  1. That last shot just became one of my all-time favorite dog photos too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chris, he reminds me of Belle, so adorable. Beautiful photographs of beautiful relationship.

  3. oh this is so sad to hear. definitely a reminder to capture my furbabies more often than i do on camera; i never know when it will be there time. beautiful pictures to remember howie by, chris.

  4. thanks all! and yes B, he looks quite a bit like your Belle...

  5. last shot is so awesome.. this brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how i'd feel if my swayze muffin were gone..so so sad.. always hate it when doggies are lost, they truly are our children..

  6. How Sweet! I love the sock monkey...very precious. Pictures are such a wonderful way to celebrate life. :)


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