Thursday, January 14, 2010

Late night @ the San Francisco Airport

After a wonderful visit to see my parents, do an engagement session (that will be blogged about soon) and hang out with my best friend in San Jose, CA, I was hanging out at the airport for me redeye flight back to New York. Well, my flight was delayed for over an hour and so what should a photographer do with extra down time?

That's right! Take pictures! So I put attached my Canon Super Ultra Wide 16-35 f/2.8L lens onto my Canon 5D Mark II camera and played around a bit. I really wanted to play with some long exposures and so I set my camera to TV mode at 30 seconds, lowered my ISO to 100 and increased my exposure compensation to +1 and then snapped away.

This first picture was completely by accident. As I was adjusting my settings, I hit the shutter and started moving the camera all around waiting for the 30 seconds to end. Afterwards, I looked at my LCD and was quite pleased with the results! I love accidental photography. I believe it is my specialty! :)

For the last picture, I used the same settings and I set my camera down on the moving walkway. I was very careful though to not allow my camera strap to get sucked into the creases of the walkway because that would have been uber embarrassing, right? I really really like how this one. Love the stillness + movement all wrapped into one photograph.

Lessons of the day for all of you photographers: 1) always have your camera and 2) try to avoid taking pictures from the typical vantage point (i.e. standing up straight with camera to face) for those creative shots!


  1. Chris, those pics are awesome. I wish you could sprinkle a little of your talent on me.

  2. That second shot on the moving walkway is WAY cool. I always get on them and think of the cool motion blur I could do, but I'm always scared some TSA guy is gonna run out of nowhere and tackle me when I pull out my camera. Just gonna have to do it lol. Great stuff!

  3. yeah, second shot is way bad ass! love it! good thinking!

  4. as always, i adore these shots!!! in my "time off" before i get married, i'm working hard to get back to the non-portrait style of photography and enjoy the creative obsession which started me on this journey!!

  5. thanks all! appreciate the love! When taking this shot, I was trying to be as in conspicuous as possible for the very reason Chris mentioned! I didn't want to be stripped searched by TSA, FBI, US Marshals, etc! Thankfully, it was late enough that too many people weren't around to see what I was doing :)


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