Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jennifer & Phil - Engaged by Chris!

Before Kansas, I lived in Northern Virginia for nearly a year and worked at a corporate office in DC. I really hated the corporate workplace, but I absolutely LOVED LOVED the NOVA/DC/MD area! One of my favorite places anywhere is Great Falls National Park because it is absolutely gorgeous at anytime of the year (especially the Billy Goat Trail)! So when Jennifer and Philip wanted to do their engagement session in the DC area, I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot!

I had an absolute blast hanging out with Jennifer and Phil and seeing them interact with each other! They are adorably cute together and I could tangibly feel the connection between them. Plus, by marrying a police office, I do not think Jennifer will have any worries about feeling safe and protected with Phil next to her!

Thankfully, the weather was beautifully crisp and refreshing for their session and it gave me plenty of opportunities to experiment with a few things. Please check out the video at the end of this post for a different type of slideshow that I hope to offer all of my clients in the future!

You can view all of their pictures through their online gallery: Jennifer & Phil - Engaged!

Thank you both so much for putting up with my random whimsical thoughts and hanging out with me for your engagement session! Hope you like the pictures! Can't wait to see you again in February! :)

I think Phil earned an A+ for his ring selection...check out this BLING!

Time to get snuggily close

So totally random, we are taking pictures and minding our own business when two ginormous huskies come trotting by pulling a guy on a giant SCOOTER! Luckily, I have visual evidence so you do not think I am crazy! :)


Definitely had to include a shot with the Harley!

Please enjoy the slideshow/video with awesome music from Cloverton!


  1. OMG! CHRIS!!! love love the video! ok, tell me all about it.. tell me tell me! was the video part shot with the mark II? what program are you using to put it all together?! email me or something, i MUST know!!!

  2. ahahah! Thanks JB! 5DII. first video shot with 50 f/1.4. second video shot with 16-35. Edited in iMovie '08. iMovie is freakin awesome. Don't have a lot of video experience, but I am able to do quite of bit of editing/splicing/etc through it! Just wish it would export in full HD though... Let me know if you have any questions!


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