Friday, November 6, 2009

Beau - Senior Portraits by Brandi!

While visiting my family back in the great state of Nebraska I had the pleasure of photographing another 2010 senior. After taking my sister's, Morgan, photos this summer (post coming soon) I was contacted by Beau to have his senior portraits taken. Sometimes I am so grateful to have grown up in a small town, word traveled fast that I was becoming serious about my photography. Beau and I were accompanied by his mom Jill, girlfriend Alli, his friend Brandon and of course...MORGAN! As you can see he had quite the entourage for this shoot and I couldn't have asked for better company!

We started out on Beau's farm with some great shots of the rolling fields as the backdrop, then to an abandoned corn crib a few miles down the road. Beau didn't need much direction, the "look" came very natural to him which made for some amazing photography. The alleys of the near by town had some great doorways, staircases and building fronts to work with, making it easy to find different places to shoot. Some of my favorite shots of the night were on an old rusty staircase, thanks Beau for being brave enough to climb it! As the sun set, we traveled back to my hometown shere I experimented with flash on the football field. The images didn't turn out exactly how I imagined so next time I'm back home I owe Beau a few shots!

Thanks Beau for giving me the opportunity to take your senior photos, I hope you like them! You can view all of Beau's pictures through his online gallery: Beau ~ Senior Portraits!

Click "Play" to view all of Beau's senior portraits in a slideshow! Feel free to play your own favorite music! :)

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