Thursday, April 30, 2009


LAST DAY! LAST DAY!! LAST DAY!!! I am super excited to announce that we have ALMOST reached our goal of $500 in total donations! How awesome is that? Never in my wildest dreams did I think that that would happen! But here we are...only a few orders away from reaching our goal!!! Woohoo!

Thank you to ALL of you who have ordered (especially those of you who ordered twice) and supported this project!!! I hope that each and every one of you enjoy your photographs! Remember, all profits from print sales will be evenly donated to the Manhattan Red Cross and the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan!

Here is a direct link to all of the available galleries: PHOTOGRAPHY FOR A CAUSE!!!

Recently, I uploaded new photographs to  the galleries so please take a look! Here are some of the newly uploaded pictures as well as the top 4 most purchased pictures to date!

New uploads found in the Manhattan Christian College and Kansas Landscapes galleries

These are the TOP 4 most purchased photographs from Photography for a Cause:

#1 ~ Found in the "Kansas Storms" gallery

#2 ~  Found in the "Kansas State University" gallery

#3 (Tied) ~ Found in the "Kansas Landscapes" gallery

#3 (Tied) ~ Found in the "Kansas Storms" gallery


  1. I love your work! and that picture with the bench is just awesome!

  2. thanks so much! I LOVE the bench photo too! super excited about how it turned out!!!


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