Monday, April 13, 2009

Lindsey & Nate ~ ENGAGED!

They both love horses. Their parents are longtime friends. They grew up within 20 miles of each other (which is like being next door neighbors for most folks). And they are both passionate about their faith. How is this not a match made in heaven? 

Well it took Nate about 2 years to see all the "signs" as Lindsey calls them. It's funny because Nate never thought Lindsey was ever interested and so he didn't want to push his luck. All the while Lindsey was patiently waiting for him. Finally, it happened. And they've been an amazing couple ever since!

A true cowboy and cowgirl couple is a photographer's dream. The hat. The ruggedness. The look. Lindsey and Nate had it all. And I definitely wasn't complaining that they are both absolutely gorgeous as well! Earlier in the day, Lindsey and Nate went driving around for places that suited them the best and they found an AH-MAH-ZING spot that was absolutely perfect for them! A wraparound porch, an antiquated gas pump, barbwire fencing, an open field and hay bales! Then they wanted to head over to Lover's Lane for some super unique and awesome shots! Anyone can do Lover's Lane photos, but who has done them with two beautiful horses at night??? :)

Thanks again you two for being ridiculously patient with me and my wild stints of inspiration! Can't wait for my first visit to North Dakota for your unbelievable wedding! 

You can view all of the pics from their session at this link: Lindsey & Nate ~ Engagement


  1. SO cute!!!! Love these.

  2. Love the one of them on the hay!

  3. these are so fun!! makes me wanna go find a cowboy! lol love the one of them standing on the hay! awesome!

  4. thanks all for the comments! the hay bales shots were so much fun!!! I love my clients! :)

  5. These are beautiful!
    You captured the cowboy lifestyle. From a cowgirl u did an amazing job.

  6. Wow. And wow again. Look at you getting all artsy and creative! STELLAR work here. Love it all!

  7. now that I've taken pictures of the real cowboy lifestyle, I feel like I can leave Kansas without any regrets! Super fun and two of the nicest and most genuine people I've ever met! Thanks again for the compliments!


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