Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hunting in Kansas

In honor of full disclosure, up until I moved to Kansas, I strongly believed that hunting was the stupidest thing ever. Seriously. People with weapons killing defenseless animals. I didn't agree with it. Didn't support it. Didn't really want anything to do with it. I realize that much of my perspective was based on growing up in suburbia and not being exposed to hunting whatsoever, but still...that is how I felt. Fast forward to my time in Kansas and BAM! Everyone is a hunter. In the past three years of being here, I've learned a great deal about hunting: how it works, the seasons, etc. And as a direct result, my interest and respect for hunting has steadily grown. A few friends agreed to take me out to show me how things work and I did my own type of shooting :) I am super appreciative of those guys for putting up with all of my questions and my inexperience.

B. Davis - focused

B. Lacey - surveying the field

T. Wodiske - getting warmed up by going old school - Duck Hunt, baby!

I had a blast! Even though we didn't find anything to shoot, it was just awesome getting outdoors and enjoying some time with the fellas.

Here's my favorite shot from our day...

Not sure if I'll ever be a hunter, but I can't wait to go out again! Enjoy the pictures in the slideshow (especially of the doggies)!!!


  1. Chris,

    Favorite picture....the one with the 3 guys and dog walking on the dirt road...AWESOME!

    and...I'm pretty sure that one of your friends had gloves that turned into mittens!!!! and you thought I was weird for having those kind of gloves! ;) glad to know someone else has them too! :)

  2. holy cow. WHERE is this property?? sweet hunting photos, but i'm imagining some gorgeous wedding gown with an equally lovely bride in the middle of that field... i've been dying for a spot like that!!!

  3. sarah...love that picture too! i especially love how each of the guys hold their gun differently. it's the little things :)

    erica...public land about 15-20 minutes north of manhattan. you should totally do a bridal session out there with multiple ladies (and make it a workshop for aspiring photographers)!!!

  4. love the one of the guy playing duck hunt. too cute!...these are awesome photos! and the idea of a workshop sounds great too!

  5. These are my dogs, they own me.... The time spent afield was not even a glimpse into what a true bird dog can do. To them a run, to us, mere astonishment at what their noses are capable of. Senior dog and dog in training, makes me wish their forefather (Maxwell's Chocolate Cappuccino.. a.k.a. MAX) could have been along for the ride. He'd walked the same fields, fostering Chisel the way Chisel chaperones Doc. A pleasure to have someone capture the moment on film, though the memories are permanently stored in our minds.


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