Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Barrett & Dey Families

Over the Christmas break, Brisa and I were super excited to visit our awesome friends Natalie and Chris in Simi Valley, CA! Natalie has been such an amazing mentor and friend to Brisa throughout vet school and Chris is essentially the nicest person I know and the best friend anyone could have! Chris is also the mastermind  behind all of my branding: logo, business cards, etc. and so if you ever need a graphic designer...definitely definitely definitely check out his site -!

Chris' parents invited us over for their Christmas family breakfast and we were overwhelmed by their generosity! We drive up to the Barretts' home and it is literally one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen! Everything was just immaculate and the view was breathtaking! No joke, breathtaking. Brisa and I could have sat in their backyard all day, but unfortunately we had to make a 5.5 hour drive home that day :(

Also at breakfast was Chris' sister, Amy, her husband Matt and the newest addition to their family Kimberly who was absolutely adorable! So, being who I am (a photographer through and through), I had to do a mini photo session :)

Kimberly and dad sharing a moment...

Kimberly getting ready for a nap...

The Barrett clan plus in-laws minus the big brother...

This is their view from the backyard. Unbelievable, right? Brisa and I were speechless when we walked outside. Absolutely Ah-may-ZING!!!

A huge thank you to the Barretts for their generosity! Please enjoy the rest of the slideshow from our quick mini session!


  1. Wow Chris! These photos are really amazing! Thanks so much for taking them for us during your visit. We enjoyed seeing you and finally meeting Brisa.

    Take care,
    Amy & Matt Dey

  2. Thanks so much Amy and Matt! Brisa and I had a wonderful time hanging out with you and the family and especially meeting Kimberly! best of luck to you both!!!


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