Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unnamed Trio - Jack, Alec, Caleb, and Samantha

We love to support new artists coming into their own and paving their way into the industry and so we gotta give some love to a recently formed local band here in Manhattan called The Unnamed Trio of Alec, Caleb, Jack and Samantha! They have yet to figure out a name for their newly formed group and they are asking for your help! Please visit their Facebook page to help them come up with a name here! Already, they have made waves and were featured in the K-State newspaper here. With original tracks by lead singer Samantha and fun cover songs by Caleb, this group gets the crowd pumped up with their energy and their lyrics! Keep on the lookout for them as they start landing more and more gigs in the near future!

Check out the group in action from their show at the Kathouse Lounge!

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