Monday, November 10, 2008

Kacie & Monte - Attraction

Even though we were here to take engagement pictures for Kacie and Monte, Lambeau and Tucker truly stole the show. As you will see in the ensuing slideshow, everything revolves around the doggies! :)

We had a fabulous attraction session all planned out for Kacie & Monte and on our way to an awesome location, the only road up there was closed for re-paving :( But, we did not let that stop us and we went nearby to one of our favorite locations, Tuttle Creek Park and they rocked it!

And then we unleashed the hounds! (Yes, we're corny-lame like that!). Lambeau, the cutest weiner-jack we've ever seen shot out of the car like a cannon and was just a bundle of energy and Tucker was the ever obedient hunting dog who was having fun being out and about! Oh do we love dogs! After numerous attempts, we finally took some family portraits of everyone and we love the one picture of Lambeau sprinting towards us as we got everything all set up!

Thanks again for making the trip down from KC for your session! We are super pumped about your January wedding and we hope for just a little bit of snow for some amazing photo opps! Enjoy the slideshow!

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