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Char & Ellison | Wedding | Laie, HI | b

I am a conceptual person. I dream up big ideas, with these pretty pictures of the end result dancing in my head. And not just in photography, in everything I do: my weekend plans, new elaborate recipes, birthday parties. However grand my ideas, I find it rare when everything just falls into place. But you know what? Sometimes those pretty pictures in my head end up being even better than I could even imagine. Sometimes I am in awe of what I have created.

These are some of those pictures.

I wanted to tell a love story. A beachy one. A gut punching, ooey-gooey, sun soaked and heart centered love story.

I wanted to prove that even though I am new in Hawaii, I can leave my mark on this beautiful island in a profound way. So I went in search of a couple to photograph.

What I didn’t expect was photographing a couple who wanted this just as badly as I did.

Char and Ellison have been married a year. (Happy Anniversary BTW!!) One WHOLE year and do you know how many wedding photographs they have to look back on and relive that day??? ZERO. Absolutely none. Do you know why? Because they couldn’t live without each other. Char and Ellison were friends first, developing a great chemistry and relationship then Ellison joined the Marines. I have many friends with similar stories, either one or both of them are in the service and time and distance become too much to bear. While back to visit in California, Ellison proposed on their pier Oceanside Pier, and promised to spend his life with Char. In order to be together they did what many military couples do and rushed to the courthouse to make it official, all before Char’s afternoon shift at work that day, all without friends and family and all without a single photo.

They wanted a beach wedding. They wanted the celebration. They wanted the dress and friends and family to celebrate. They wanted photos of them on their wedding day.

I am happy I could help with one of those concepts and I hope for them that the rest will come with time. They deserve it.

What do you love about each other?
Char: For me, I love Ellison's scrupulous, patient and responsible personality. I love how I can always depend on him for anything and everything and he never fails to make me smile, especially when I'm in a bad mood. I love how hardworking he is at everything he does. It makes me proud to be his wife.
Ellison: I love Camila's devoting support in everything I/we go through. She is always cheerful and strives to help with everything she can. She is very outgoing and loves to make the most out of our days once she wakes up. I also love her cooking! She likes to keep my belly happy!

I wanted to share their story.

You can view more of their images on the La Brisa Photography Facebook page by going to Char & Ellison| Wedding | Laie, HI | b!

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