Thursday, November 1, 2012

52WoA: Weeks 11-13 Architecture, Silhouette & Trick or Treat

As a photographer, sometime you need to work on things outside of your normal purview and this project is going to help us (and you) challenge, grow and creatively develop your photography as a whole. Weekly for the next year, we will be sharing our images with you here!

For those of you interested in participating, PLEASE join us! The more the merrier! You definitely do not need to be a professional photographer, this is something you can easily do with your point and shoot, cell phone, ipad, etc. You can comment with a link to your image here on our blog or on our La Brisa fan page or you can tag La Brisa Photography in your image on your own FB page or use the hashtag #52WoA on twitter that way we can share your efforts with everyone else! If you are interested in joining our La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshop group on FB, please request to join as we will also be sharing our images there too.

Next Wednesday, November 7th, Week 14: “PRESIDENTIAL” will be due. The image must be created between today and November 7th. Good luck!

Here are our Week 11 – “Architecture” images!


Before my flight in Lincoln, I met up with a couple of friends in The Haymarket area where we counted no less than 25 photographers shooting sessions against the super awesome buildings and alleyways. I felt out of place because i WAS NOT photographing anything. Weird.

Here are our Week 12 – “SILHOUETTE” images!  

i put this off for days... because i couldn't come up with anything exciting. so i took a picture of my lamp with burlap flowers on it- because i didn't have to get out of my computer chair to do it...

There is nothing more relaxing (to me) than being out in open water.

Here are our Week 13 – “TRICK OR TREAT” images!   


Elvis wanted to be a delicious hot dog for Halloween. We happily obliged. 
Here is the entire list of 52 Weeks of Awesomeness!
1    Introduce Yourself

2    Asymmetrical
3    Fragile
4    Junk
5    Labor
6    Freedom
7    Pet Peeves
8    Fall
9    Joy
10    Travel
11    Architecture
12    Silhouette
13    trick or treat
14    Presidential
15    Honor
16    Style
17    Family
18    Motion
19    Inspired by a movie
20    Red
21    Gifts
22    Resolution
23    Winter
24    Numbers
25    Dreams
26    Claustrophobic
27    Gametime
28    Uncomfortable
29    Love
30    Overcome your fear
31    Minimalism
32    Music
33    Green
34    Spring
35    Foolish
36    Off Camera Light
37    Hero
38    Pets
39    Stars
40    Faith
41    Mom
42    Making Food into Art
43    Loss
44    Flora
45    Stranger
46    Dad
47    Summer
48    In the streets
49    Patriotism
50    What do you do for fun?
51    Travel
52    Self Portrait

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