Monday, August 22, 2011

RIP Coby

Through delicately dripping tears, I write today with a humbled, sad and yet appreciative heart. This morning, Coby, our 16 year old family dog, passed away. She was the best, most loyal, most food-driven and happiest dog ever. All she wanted was to be by your side and have you play with her all the time. I remember going with my sister to pick her up as a 9 month old puppy. At the time, my sisters and I really wanted a dog while my parents were lukewarm on the idea. So when my parents went to Hawaii for a vacation, they left us some emergency spending money and we thought it was completely appropriate to spend all of the money to adopt Coby from a home that had too many dogs. Instantly, I loved her.

Coby slept in my bedroom until I left for college. Each morning after going to school, she would sleep in my bed because there would be a perfect oval shaped imprint in my bedding, but I never actually caught her. She was too smart for that.

We were buddies and always played frisbee together. In fact, she was probably the reason why I loved playing ultimate frisbee so much in college because of all the time we spent together.

Coby was the best. She was there for me whenever I needed her. I loved her very much. I hope she is catching unlimited frisbees without getting tired and eating copious amounts of delicious steaks, ribs and pork chops in doggy heaven.

In March, I took these images of Coby and I am really really glad that I did.

She was still running and playing around as if she was 10 years younger.

Goodbye Coby-rama, Cob-ster, Cobayashi, Cobalicious, Cobs and Coby.


  1. What a beautiful tribute and beautiful photos of your dear friend, Coby. (((HUGS)))

  2. Nothing pleases a dog more than what they are doing at that exact moment. They can be our best teachers. Laugh often when you remember her. Our sincerest condolences on your loss. -Laurie & David


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