Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shauna & Davis | Wedding | Manhattan, KS | Chris

Recently the wife and I went back to our former hometown of Manhattan, KS for our friends, Shauna and Brian's amazing wedding! Before I left Manhattan, I did a mini-pre-engagement session with them that you can view here - Shauna & Brian! With several close friends in the 18 member wedding party (of which 13 were doctors!), I had an absolute blast and was literally laughing the entire day! Probably the most fun I have ever had at a wedding (except for my own, of course)!

A special shout out goes to several assistants to helped me throughout the day...Brandi, Ruth (extra thanks for saving the slideshow with her projector super powers!), Toma and Sara!

Wedding Reception: Wareham Opera House
Flowers: Hy-Vee

Shauna's Mori Lee dress was beyond gorgeous! 

The soon to be groom was a bundle of nerves getting ready

Shauna is a total tomboy at heart, so this was only one of a HANDFUL of times that she's ever worn makeup. Seriously.

The pathway to the First Look

A quick hug before the big reveal

LOVE when this happens!

Uber Happiness + Gorgeousness = photographic magic!

All about personalizing your wedding with your own distinct style!

One of my favorites from the day

Another one of my favorites (yes, I know, I couldn't choose between the two)!

I think that this should be in a magazine. Don't they look AMAZING???

Absolute Joy.

Brian officially rocked!

This happens when you are well loved.

Shauna essentially RAN down the aisle because she was sooooo incredibly excited!

Love how you can see the mother of the bride and the future groom as the beautiful bride floats by...

The lines at St. Thomas More are amazing!

Always one of my absolute favorite moments of any wedding day

To the Party Bus!!!

We went to Top of the World Park for a few more photos

Having a little fun with the wedding party


This pretty much sums up the day. Laughter, shenanigans and elation. 

Channeling my inner Ed Pingol for this shot!

Hellooooooo ladies!

Huge thanks to the fabulous Jenna for the vision behind this shot!

Hanging out with the boys

Shauna absolutely LOVED the Party Bus! Can you tell?

First dance

Had to include some love to my wife and her best friends! These three were inseparable for the last 12 months of veterinary school!

A little love at the end of the night!


  1. Gorgeous! The church makes me giddy for my September wedding there! YAY! Great work AS usual!!!

  2. I am in LOVE with the shot that blurs all of the faces except the bride and grooms in the back. Awesome Chris! You're so talented!


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