Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mindy & Richard ~ Engaged! by Chris

Bar @ Houlihan's, roller skates, tube socks and an old abandoned building = ingredients for an AWESOME engagement session! Mindy and Richard were just that...absolutely and positively AWESOME and ready to rock it out! Their love story started at the Houlihan's bar and so that's where they wanted to start their session. I called Houlihan's to ask for permission to invade their bar for a mini-shoot and they were more than happy to oblige!

With my trusty associate photographer's, Brandi, help, we followed Mindy and Richard all over town and had an absolute blast! They have sooooo much personality and love for each other that it was difficult not to smile around them and have a fabulous time! Just the way they look at each other melts my heart! And you'll see that they will melt your heart too! :)

Thank you both sooo much for allowing Brandi and me to photograph your engagement session! Best of luck and many blessings to you and your upcoming wedding!!!

To view all Mindy & Richard's photos, check out their online gallery: Mindy & Richard ~ Engaged! Enjoy the pictures!

"You've got a Cute Mug" ~ couldn't agree more you two!

One of my new favorite ring shots...but the second best from this session!

Someone say it was time for roller skates and tube socks???

Then I proceeded to give Richard my camera and he snapped a few of Mindy as the rolled around in a circle holding hands! Super cute!

Apparently, Mindy and Richard are ALWAYS taking pictures (my favorite kind of people) and so we definitely wanted to reflect that in their photos!

While we were taking their rockin roller skating pictures, Brandi was busy using the chalk that Mindy brought and the continued!!!

The happy couple :)

And my new favorite favorite ring shot! Boom-shaka-laka!

Mindy has been eying this location for a long time and who can blame her? Brilliant brilliant location!

Mindy (and maybe Richard) made this SUH-WEET sign for their saved their dates! How awesome is it? And naturally, Mindy and Richard nailed this! By the way, this was totally impromptu...not prompted by me at all!

Feel like this could be seen in a magazine ad

Click below to play below to view a slideshow of all of Mindy and Richard's engagement session! Feel free to provide your own preferred music! :)


  1. great job! those roller skate photos are amazing!!

  2. totally awsome I love the ring shot with the roller skates. Great stuff. Your off camera lighting is awsome too!

  3. wow, these are AH-MAZ-ING!!! now my new favorite engagement session you've ever done!! i love the ring shot that's black and white with the her hand half on the wine glass and part on the bar top!

    you're pretty much awesome!!

  4. These are soooo great!! I love the roller skates!

  5. Thanks all! Gotta love clients who take the initiative to make their sessions as unique as possible! :)


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