Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornadoes in Manhattan

Last night, Manhattan was ravaged by tornadoes. From the reports, three different ones touched down all across the town. President Wefald announced that there were approximately $20 million dollars worth of damages on the K-State campus alone. However, that does not include the complete devastation of the True Value Hardware store and of the numerous lost homes in the SW side of town. After wandering around and taking pictures, one of the more interesting things were just the tree stumps without the rest of the tree anywhere to be found. Our prayers go out to all of those families and business owners impacted by this awesomely destructive storm.

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  1. Chris--

    these photos are insane! I first heard about the tornado this morning and each time I see people's photos I am amazed at just how destructive it was---and at how no one was seriously injured. Thanks for sharing---

    -Rachel Trowbridge


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